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We share a common goal for CHANGE.

BETTER Ingredients

BETTER Nutrition

BETTER for You

 & the Environment.



We share a common goal for CHANGE.

BETTER Ingredients

BETTER Nutrition

BETTER for You

 & the Environment.

We are Wholly Different

Here at Purition, we’re on a mission to help millions of people make easy, sustainable change from the inside out. We do this with a back-to-basics approach, using whole food ingredients that are easy to mix into your daily routine.

We believe that what we eat has a real impact on our health and the planet, so we started Purition with a wholly different set of ethics. We’re all about using whole food ingredients, providing real value and supporting long-term health and weight management with integrity at every step.

You may have tried meal shakes before, but if you’re looking for a different outcome, why not try something wholly different? 

We formulate differently

Our ingredients are easy to pronounce, even easier to enjoy. We use whole food ingredients – not powders – so that we can deliver great tasting products and natural nutrition. We don’t make big claims about ingredients in miniscule amounts. Put simply, there’s nothing fake about our shakes.

We source differently

The future of food has to be increasingly sustainable agriculture. We source mainly British and European-grown whole food ingredients. Many come directly from fields and farms we know, some of which are exclusive to us. This costs us more, but it’s all part of our mission to produce the best, most nutritious products imaginable.

We make products differently

We make all our own products in a highly energy efficient building that uses only 100% renewable power. It also creates less waste-to-landfill than the average household (despite producing over 30,000 lbs of Purition every month).

We pack differently

Zero plastic options, zero food waste and zero tolerance for greenwashing. We do this – despite paper costing more than plastic – because it is 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. We believe we are the first nutrition company to do this. 

We deliver differently

Our products are shipped using responsible delivery companies that are committed to reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

We work differently

We look after our employees too, offering generous pay, benefits and a great working environment – exceeding our legal obligations and sharing when times are good.

Our customers also benefit from:

  • Our ‘buy what you need’ ethos. No minimum orders, no discounted subscriptions and no buy now, pay later. Just order what you need, when you need it.
  • Value for money. We’ll never be the cheapest because we aim to be the best.
  • Single serving packets. We encourage our customers to try single serving packets, so that they don’t waste money and product if they don’t like Purition.
  • Our lowest prices. You’ll find these on our website.
  • Help when you need it. We have nutritionists on board to answer your calls, chats and questions.

There’s no change without change

We’re here to help you make sustainable dietary changes that support your goals. We don’t believe in quick fixes, gimmicks, starvation diets or ancient superfoods that claim to be the solution to everything. We’re all about simple, whole food ingredients and a back-to-basics approach. 

Keeping things simple could help to keep you on track

Your body has an incredible ability to respond to positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle – and these changes don’t need to be difficult.

With Purition, there’s very little preparation and no cooking. Plus, we find it’s easy to stick with because it’s simple, repeatable and enjoyable. 

Simply swap one less nutritious meal a day to Purition

That’s all it takes to start enjoying the whole-body benefits of a more nutritious diet. By swapping one meal a day, you could be making your diet a whole lot better than it was last week – and one simple change can become your new normal, because it’s easy. Simply order your first sample box today.

We’re not just here to sell you something, we’re here to make a difference. Beyond our products, we can support you in meeting your goals with nutritional advice and ideas for healthy swaps.

"Purition make the best shakes out there!"

 - Janice

"Purition make the best shakes out there. Every flavour I have tried I have enjoyed. Purition is a forward thinking company who use the finest ingredients. Packaging is kept to a minimum whilst being very appealing. Anyone procrastinating about trying it, do yourself a favour and try the sample packs. You cannot go wrong. I for one will continue to be a customer for the foreseeable future."


Premium whole foods

Only the highest quality British, European & American ingredients we’d give to our family and friends. Made without shortcuts or compromise.

Replace a less nutritious meal in seconds


40-50g Purition

200-250ml milk or nut milk

Blend for 20-30 seconds

Enjoy straight away!

3 easy ways to prepare Purition...


Yoghurt bowl

Instant porridge

Why Purition...

Packed with nutrition
Nutrient dense; rich in protein, fiber, whole food fats and vitamins.

No chemicals or additives
Purition is made of whole foods, protein & fibre. Nothing else.

Made fresh in the UK
Made fresh daily using mainly British and European ingredients.

Quick & easy
To prepare and consume! With zero food waste.

Save money
A super healthy meal as low as $2.50 per serving.

Free shipping
Fast, free and carbon neutral delivery.

Gluten free
Celiac safe. Regular batch testing indicates we're consistently under 5ppm.

Non GMO & soy free. Made with minimally processed ingredients.

Paper packaging
Sample packs are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.