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Sample sachets

Sample sachets

€29 each

€19.50 each when you buy 3+

Each bag contains 12 servings / meals

€29 (12x 40g samples)

Chocolate, Strawberry, Macadamia & Vanilla, Banana, Almond, Chocolate & Orange, Chocolate & Hazelnut, Chocolate & Beetroot, Blackcurrant, Coconut, Coffee & Walnut, Pistachio.

If you are new to Purition start with a sample box or two! Original, best for taste. Enjoy!

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Gluten free

Certified gluten free and safe for coeliacs

High in protein

The protein comes from upto 8 different ingredients which is better for you.

High in fibre

Purition has more natural fibre than any other shake on the market.

Low sugar

Purition is naturally very low in sugar and contains no added sugar

No food additives

Gums, preservatives, anti-caking agents, silica, artificial flavourings, chemical sweeteners are not good for health which is why Purition does not contain any!

Ships from EU

Purition B.V. is located in the Netherlands for quick convenient delivery with the EU including. The price you see is the price you pay, prices include sales tax and delivery

Plant Based

Purition is available in both Original: vegetarian and ultra-low lactose from British whey protein isolate, and Vegan: recommended for those who already enjoy the earthy flavours of dairy free vegan proteins.


Nourish from within.

A diet of mainly minimal processed whole foods supports: Immunity, Mental, Muscle, Energy, Digestion, Beauty, Weight.

Shop Range

Versatile nutrition.

Blend with milk or add to yoghurt for an easy meal or snack.Try adding fruit, vegetables and ice.
You can also make ‘snack balls’ and ‘instant porridge’.


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